Our mission

Redovisning Sundenstr√∂ms mission is to provide comprehensive and professional services, accounting and human resources. We rely on knowledge, innovation, safety and complete customer satisfaction. Each of our clients is our most important. Each of them is our business partner. To each client we are treated individually and our cooperation is primarily based on mutual trust. Customer service takes place in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. We perform our services in a fair, professional and timely manner. We reply to all, even the most unusual  questions of our customers. We do not leave any questions unanswered.

Our vision

We strive to ensure that the name "Sundenströms" directly associated with professionalism, modernity and trust. Our vision provides for continuous development and improvement of qualifications. The needs of our customers we will meet through the high quality of our services.

Comprehensive offer

Our core business is flexibility, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

If your business requires more tailored solutions, please contact us.